Orthopedic Practice in the Philadelphia Naval Yard

At Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine, we’re the answer to your search for an orthopedic practice in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Our state of the art facility is located right here, inside the Vincera Institute Building. Our practice provides patients with pain relief services that are effective, and with treatment plans that promote a healthier lifestyle going forward.

We know that dealing with severe and chronic back pain or a sports injury is an almost intolerable way of life, and our office works with you to schedule an appointment quickly. Our unique style of treating your ailments helps you overcome your pain and reclaim your lifestyle again.

Our practice offers the latest in treatment technology, health and nutrition advice, and a wellness program that can relieve and even prevent pain. We employ less invasive and non-surgical techniques to help you overcome your pain symptoms and live your life again…all without the costs and potential risks of spinal and other surgeries.

Dr. Malini Khanna has made it her mission to provide safe and effective healing services to patients with sports and spine injuries. She has been serving the greater Philadelphia area for over ten years now, and her experience in the orthopedic practice field includes peripheral joint injections, fluoroscopic-guided injections, facet injections, epidurals, radiofrequency ablations and medial branch blocks. Dr. Khanna is also professionally trained in musculoskeletal sound, and in diagnosis and treatment using minimally invasive methods.

With Concierge Spine and Sports Medicine, our advanced techniques make it possible for you to overcome your pain and achieve performance results you might not believe possible with your current condition. Our goal for you is maximum benefit with minimum discomfort. After your procedures with us, we also assist you in planning a pain-free lifestyle going forward.

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We welcome you to find out more about why we are your convenient destination for an orthopedic practice in the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Schedule your appointment today with our professionals in the Vincera Institute Building. We are here to help you overcome your pain effectively and achieve your best performance, and to help you get back to a life you love!